Celastrus scandens 'Diane' / Bittersweet

Celastrus scandens 'Diane' / Bittersweet

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  • Insignificant, small, greenish-yellow flowers

  • Spherical berries are green when young and ripen to yellow in the fall

  • Berries split open to reveal an orange-red seed surrounded by a yellow skin

  • Toothed, mid-green, ovate leaves are 10 cm long

  • Leaves turn a vibrant yellow in the fall

  • A male plant is needed for fruit to set

  • Berries are widely used in the floral industry

  • Drought tolerant, twining vine

  • Bloom Time: June to July

  • ZONE: 2

  • HEIGHT: 10-15 m

  • SPREAD: 6-8 m

  • COLOUR: Lime-green